Sunday, June 21, 2009

29 week pic and getting nervous!!

I was getting ready to leave for a bridal shower hence why I am more dressed up then usual. I am still feeling great. Heart burn sometimes but only seems to come when I eat pasta sauce. By the way, I am a STARVING trucker right now... and blame it all on Lady! The lucky charms are calling my name once again! ;)

The lady who is painting the cherry blossom tree in the nursery comes tomorrow at 9am. I really hope it turns out how I have it pictured in my mind. I'm sure it will. DH put the crib mobile on yesterday and says "Oh does it play music?" as he proceeded to turn the tiny knob and sure enough really sweet music started playing... we both looked at each other like, HOLY shit we are going to be parents! It was classic! It is starting to freak me out to think in 11 weeks or less I will be a mom. WHOA! I am the baby of the family, they took care of me. I didn't take care of anyone! Am I capable of doing this?!! LOL
I wish I was working instead of doing all this thinking these days! I'll be fine. It will be okay (Like how I am talking myself into positive thinking?!)

Besides that things are well! We go to the 3D u/s on Thursday and then Friday I am off to Georgia with the family. DH is staying back since its his last weekend of working! Whoo Hooo!


mtendere said...

I'm already nervous about being a mommy and I'm only at 23 weeks. I'm sure it only looms larger as things progress. I'm sure you'll do great. I hope you're enjoying your summer. You look great!

Sarah and Phil said...

Can't wait to see the 3D ultrasounds!!

lady gray said...

mmmmmmm.... lucky charms. ;)