Friday, September 18, 2009

3 weeks old today

Can't really believe its been 3 weeks already! Time is really flying. I am starting to get anxious about going back to work. NOT looking forward to it at all. I only get 5-6 weeks of short term disability which I think is up the middle of October and then I have like 8 or 9 sick days I can use. So it looks like the end of October I'll be going back. It makes it easier to know my mom is taking care of her. She watched her today for me while I came home and cleaned the house. OMG... I had a puppy living behind my couch. SO much effing dog hair since it hasn't been done really well in about a month! So that was nice. Lillian does great at my parents house. I sware the child likes her swing and bouncy seat (hand me downs) more then the ones we have here at home. My mom says Lillian just likes her house better!! lol Anyways back to the work subject. I think the hardest part is going to be juggling it all. Lesson plans, Lillian, cleaning, its all going to be A LOT! But I guess it'll just take time to get use to like everything else.
SLEEP or lack there of is going to be tough too. Lillian is doing great still. Last night we put her down at like 9:30ish. She was up at 1 and then again at 5. She had a poopy diaper that woke her up at 8 after that. But often times she sleeps in longer. The hardest time is getting her down for the first time. She's fussy a bunch and kicks her legs. We swaddle her in the miracle blanket but it doesn't hold her legs in tight enough. She has no problem falling asleep in my arms. I put her down and she's fine for about 15minutes. But then soon after the legs start going, she starts fussing and before we know it she's full force screaming. Like right now. DH just went up to rock her a bit. I think she is fighting going to sleep. Op now he is done and she is out.... for now! lol
This rash/yeast whatever it is seems to have not gone away yet. I was bad and still used the Pamper diapers. But we're going to stop and use huggies to see if that really is making her flare up.
DH and I have date night tomorrow night. We're going to see Jim Brewer at the Comedy Corner. MIL is watching Lillian. LOVE MIL to death but I am very anal about how she is taken care of... but I'll save that for another post! haha!


Eclipsed said...

You'll do great when it comes time to go back to work. It'll be hard but she'll be with your mom so you won't worry about her care. I hope you have a great time on your date. It's amazing what a free night can do.

Scullyhoyy said...

Lillian is sleeping great compared to my little one. Have you tried using triple paste on her bum? & don't use any wipes for awhile & see if that helps:) Good Luck!