Thursday, September 17, 2009

Falling into our new life together!

Things are finally starting to fall into place. By no means is it a piece of cake. I am not sure if its getting easier or if I am just getting use to it all. Lillian is doing great. She eats every 3 hours during the day and then has gone 4 hours at night. I bought that book called Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and have been trying the EASY method. E-eat, A-activity, S-sleep, Y- you time. I really like it. She has a hard time with the Activity part and gets tired quickly during certain parts of the day. So I usually don't mess with her and let her sleep. Like right now she has been sleeping for over an hour and is due to eat in about 30 minutes. We broke down and borrowed my sisters sound machine. Which she LOVES. The noise and her being swaddled = one happy little lady! DH was SO against the sound machine. He thought my nephew couldn't sleep with out it. But we have had it for 3 nights now so apparently he can. We ordered one and it should hopefully be here by Friday! At this point DH thinks whatever it takes for her to sleep. He does not care! lol
Houston we have NIPPLES! We found the nipples she loves online. DH ordered 7 of them. They arrived today. Thank goodness! They are still the slow flow kind. Should I be worried she is still needing slow flow? We tried the next one up and she was gagging and spitting it all over the place. Now we need a few more Medela bottles and we will be good to go!
She still has a tiny rash. I called the doctor and explained it to them. My sister with the 4 kids said it might be yeast. The nurse at the pedi office agreed and gave us a script. I bought huggies and also bought the Lansinoh wipes. The brand that makes the cream we used on our boobs for BF. The wipes are very soothing my sister said. They must be popular b/c there was only one pack left at Target. So if you are having issues with you LO and wipes try those. Kinda pricey but whatever it takes for her to be okay!
She is changing so much. Its freaking me out! :) Ohhh I am so excited. I can wear my wedding rings again! Not sure why but I hated not having them on! Yay!


*Bee* said...

So glad you're settling in!! Kate still uses slow flow nipples, so I would expect Lillian to use them for a while. I saw those Lansinoh wipes at Toys R Us yesterday and was going to ask you if you've tried them! I hope her little bum feels better soon!

mtendere said...

She is too freakin' cute! I'm glad you're starting to settle in and are keeping us properly informed!

Eclipsed said...

Pink she's so squishy and cute. I'm so glad you're settling in nicely. Hope that little tushy feels better soon.

Becky said...

What's the rash look like? Nich has the red bumps on his stomach but i think it's just heat rash.

I would stay with the slow flow. G gave Nich a bottle with the fast flow and he drooled most of it out.

Glad to hear about those wipes, maybe i'll give them a try.