Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is where Lillian fell asleep today while i was wrapping her up... and since she was so content i left her there!! She has been a sleep fighter the last few days. And seems very hard to please. Well of course unless she is in my arms. But i can't go pee or wash bottles while holding her!
Last night was a nightmare! She hardly napped at all yesterday and it made for one over tired lady = screaming for no reason other then being tired. Nothing seemed to comfort her. We tried it all and even broke down and gave her a pacifier... yeah she spit it right out. So she cried. It sucked so bad. She eventually passed out. Hoping we don't have that again tonight.

On another note...I go back to work on October 21st. YUCK! So not looking forward to it at all. I hear from everyone at work is how horrible things are there. We have a new Chief Academic Advisor in our district who is trying to change all sorts of things. They are doing walk throughs in our rooms to make sure those things are being done. The first one for our school just happens to be October 22nd... lucky ME! I'm going to ask my principal if they can skip my room. So not fair if they come in and expect to see certain things.


Jenifer said...

THis is by far the cutest picture I have seen in a long time. I love that she is nowhere near her carseat or the crib. I say if they want to nap and they are safe, happy and sleeping by all means leave them be wherever they are. We learned this over the past few months. My friends baby liked to sleep in his carseat at night so they would leave him in it and put the whole thing inside his crib so they knew he was safe and couldnt go anywhere. Funny.

mtendere said...

Sorry Lillian isn't sleeping well for you, but that is a fantastic picture!

Try not to let worries about work get to you already! I wouldn't worry about things on your first day back. If someone comes through your room, just make sure you mention something about it being your first day. Besides half of the new things they decided to implement never actually happen or get chagned so much that they don't mean anything, anyway.

Enjoy your time with Lillian and worry about school on October 21 and not a moment before! (Easier said that done, I'm sure).

Becky said...

Gripe water, Gripe water, i love this stuff!!! All natural and it helps relax them. It's the best $8 you'll ever spend. We had this same issue with Nich about 3 to 4 weeks old it was misserable. When he wouldn't stop crying we would take him on a walk in his stroller, usually worked.

*Bee* said...

Pink, I forgot to ask you yesterday when we were talking about this if you have a carrier of some sort. It is really helpful when baby wants to be held you have stuff (like bottle washing) to do that you need two hands for. If you don't have one, it might be worth a try! I have a Moby that I love, or lots of people recommend Loveyduds from Etsy.

Eclipsed said...

I wanna just give you a big hug because I know what you're going through. xoxo