Sunday, September 13, 2009

Possibly ADHD

I think I might be ADHD. Does it make me a bad mom that I am not looking forward to a week on the couch again? Eating, peeing, pooping and sleeping. Love Lilly to pieces but I need her to start talking! lol Totally kidding!
In all honesty I need to make a point to get out this week and try to keep myself busy. Tomorrow my mom is coming over. I have a doctors appointment in the morning because I think I might have a UTI. I have this annoying pain around my pee area. Not sure whats going on. Then I am picking up my dad from the airport. As for the rest of the week... I dunno. But my butt hurts from sitting here. And I think I might go crazy if I keep sitting here on my arse! Ok done bitching and complaining!


Eclipsed said...

I totally hear ya. I went stir crazy the first month. It's difficult to just sit around, especially because they don't do too much. I made it a point to try to get at least an hour a day to myself (before I went back to work) and I made sure to see my friends or go out with Andy once a week just to keep some perspective. I think it makes you a better mom when you're able to take a breather and you're lucky to have family close by to help.

Becky said...

Yes get out of the house. I go crazy when i stay inside to long. I hated sitting on the couch so much, but i had to to recover from my c-section. I also thought i had an UTI since i had some burning, but it turned out to be normal pregnancy related stuff. Good luck and enjoy your visit.

Oh p.s. i can't wait for Nich to start talking too!