Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

So yesterday was so different then the previous days. I feel like Lillian is starting on a routine all on her own. She often times wakes up between 8-9am where I feed her and then let her chill out on top of her changing table while I run around brushing my teeth, putting my eyes in (contacts) and getting dressed. I know I won't be doing this for long since I am terrified she'll roll off. I might have to just move her to the floor now. After a while she starts to fuss which usually means two things. Either she has a dirty diaper or she is getting tired. I try to get her to nap in her swing or bouncy seat but she isn't a big fan of them. So 99% of the time she'll fall asleep on me and then I **try** to move her to the bouncy seat. Which 99% of the time results in her waking up and me picking her up to soothe her. We have thrown in the pacifier towel and use it when needed. Sometimes if she isn't really really sleepy she freaks out when it falls out. But if she is super tired she could careless. So both yesterday and today she has taken a pretty long afternoon nap. Yesterday it was 1:15ish till about 4:15 where I kinda woke her up because I had to leave my parents house where we were. Today she napped from 1:00ish to about 4:00ish. So I found it funny that she napped around the same time both days. Last night she was fussy going down for the first time. We tried putting her down at 10:30 but she didn't fall asleep till about midnight. BUT she slept till 4:45 which was a pretty long stretch in between feedings. She ate at 10:00. So.... I am super curious how tonight will go. We gave her a bath and DH is finishing up feeding/burping her right now. Its 9:30. So we will see! I know its not good to do bath time every night due to the fact it could dry out their skin, but she sleeps really well the nights we do it. So I might just start doing it with out the soap nightly. And do soap every other or 3rd night.
So her yeast seemed to clear up a bit today... but we went ahead and bought the $100 Rx that the pedi called in for us. I hope that really knocks it out! Its worth the $$ if it helps her.
My sister is 34 weeks PG and we are throwing a shower for her this weekend. This is baby number two for her so its a tiny shower with just close friends and family. It'll be nice to be around other adults for a few hours!


Becky said...

Yup babies have good and bad days just like adults. Nich kind of poops at the same time for a few days, right now it's 5 and 6pmish. too funny!

Eclipsed said...

I'm glad she's working things out for herself. Don't worry about the paci sometimes its whatever works.