Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2 Months Old & Holy Schmoly!

I can't believe Lilly is 2 months old today! She has changed so much! She smiles and laughs. And gets really upset with a puckered lip and all! I love seeing her smile in the mornings. She is so happy in the morning... and it kinda makes up for waking us up in the middle of the night still! I still CAN NOT WAIT for her to STTN. I know it'll happen when she's ready. I will add a picture once I take it. Till then a pumpkin patch picture will do!

And holy schmoly to my last post! Can we say PMS! AF is right around the corner and I'm feeling it! Totally moody and having a headache right now.


Eclipsed said...

she's adorable! No need to apologize, if you don't vent I'm pretty sure you explode lol. Aren't the mornings the best? I hate to leave her in the morning. You're have such a great attitude about her not sttn. I was a basket case at that point.

Mrs.F said...

She is so cute! And holy tons of hair!!!