Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hair Salons

There is me... I got my hair done. Cut and colored. It was so nice! I feel human again. Now if the pregnancy mask would go away. This picture shows it pretty well. My skin use to be even. My forehead and cheeks are the worst. YUCK! Why is it that after going to get your hair done it smells & feels so good?! No matter how much $$ I spend on products it NEVER is like that after I do it at home!!
Also I find it funny how women will tell their hair dresser just about anything. I heard the funniest stuff today while sitting in the chair!
Here is Lillian having tummy time... so much for that idea! She passed right out! She is getting so squeezable!! I love it!


Gooseberry said...

Like the hair cut!

*Mandy* said...

I love it!!! I bet it felt fabulous, I always feel so pretty afterwards

Lyr said...

Very cute! I love how every mom wants to get their hard done after having a little one. :) BTW - You don't even see the pregnancy mask. ;)

Tam said...

I totally heart your hairs cut!