Thursday, October 22, 2009


Holy tired. I was in bed by 8pm last night. I brought home some school stuff to do and it never made it out of the bag! After getting Lillian ready for bed, I too was ready for bed! She ended up being fussy and Kevin was at his game so I brought her in bed with me for a few hours! Whatever it takes to get an hour of shut eye!
Stressed. I feel so torn because I am being such a slacker teacher. I am trying to play catch up from the crap I missed out on doing in the beginning of the year. I posted my schedule but A LOT has since changed. So I had to do almost everything over again. I have begged for lesson plans from my coworkers just to get through this week. I am going to have a ton to do over the weekend. Before I'd stay till 5pm and now I am out of there at 3 so I can go get Lillian from my moms house. And by the time I get back to my room its 2:20 which doesn't leave much time to plan, or get materials ready. I've been on the phone all week with parents about their animals... I mean kids. They were off the wall but are getting much better! They are sad the sub isn't there anymore so they can have a free for all! Poor babies! lol
Happy! I am sooo happy seeing Lilly smile and cooing. She has changed so much the last few weeks. Being away from her during the day I can really now see her changing. Before I was with her 24/7 I never noticed her growing but she sure is! She will be 2 months on Wednesday! WHOA!
Ready. I am SOOOOO ready for the weekend. Even though I'll be cleaning this messy ass house and doing school stuff! Booo! Maybe we might go out one night for dinner or something low key! Lots of sleeping while Lillian is too!
Ahhhh it 9:48pm and I still have to shower, get my stuff ready for tomorrow and get Lilly's stuff ready for my mom! TGIF.. well almost! :)


Jenifer said...

Im glad to see your hanging in there. I was able to switch my hours from 8-5pm to 7-3 when I came back from maternity leave. I am out of here at 3pm everyday I literally run for the door. I miss Ian while he is at daycare but I know he is healthy, happy and safe. And when I pick him up at 3:15 he is the highlight of my day. Keep hanging in there it will get easier, I think the routine of things gets easier with each passing day.

Eclipsed said...

Tired, stressed, happy, and ready for the weekend sounds about right!