Saturday, October 3, 2009

5 Weeks Old

More pictures MOM??!
Lillian is doing great. She is eating like a little piggy. A few times she has eaten 5oz but I think she may be going through a little growth spurt. She was really fussy a few nights in a row and wouldn't go back down after her feedings. Last night she was great. Ate at 11:30, 5:30 and then again at 8:30. So I hope that is a trend... I'm not holding my breath! lol
Still loves to be swaddled and during her late nap she will put herself to sleep. I lay her down she looks around for a while and before I know it she is out... hope that continues too!! I really am lucky because she has been an awesome baby!
I know most of you already know the story about my sisters so I'll keep it short. My sister E is trying to be a surrogate for my sister M... we find out Wednesday if E is PG! Please say a BIG prayer that it happens! Here are a few more pictures of Lillian. I have become picture crazy recently!!
She is starting to love bath time! This is such an awful picture of me... but you can kinda see the brown blotches on my face. Damn pregnancy mask! I go to the dermatologist on Monday so hopefully something works to make it go away!

Such a BAD girl already! Giving me the bird!! I didn't realize she did that till after I uploaded the pictures! I think its hilarious!


Gooseberry said...

Pink, she's adorable!

Eclipsed said...

She's so cute and quite the fashionista! I'm glad the sleeping seems to be going so well for you. Maybe she could peer pressure Isabella to sleep until 8:30!

Rsgrl said...

She's beautiful! And, I love that she's already got an "attitude." :)

*Mandy* said...

She is so cute!! I love that she is flashing you the bird, it is hilarious.