Friday, October 16, 2009


"where's my paci?"
I love how I am seeing Lillian make little changes. She is smiling and cooing and just being a great little girl! It amazes me how fast they change. And kinda makes me sad too. Sad because I go back to work on Monday and I am going to miss all those little changes! :( I need to get over it and stop harping on it. It is what it is and there is no changing it! My first born niece started calling my mom Rara when she was little and it stuck. I am so lucky to have Rara watching Lilly. It will make my life so much easier. We are paying her a small amount each week. She quit her job to take care of my nephew and she needs a little spending money each week. Spending money which 90% of the time is spent on the kids! Kevin will be dropping her off every morning and I'll be picking her up. In my contract at school I have to stay there till 3pm... I'll be outta there by 2:59!! haha!

Kevin is an awesome dad! Sometimes he has a short fuse when Lillian is crying. Not sure why but he has it in his head that "sometimes babies just cry!" yeah okay well being a MOM I am going to do whatever it takes to figure it out before calling it quits! The other night he took his turn to feed her... it was like 3am. He put her back down and she wasn't having it. She started crying, he tried 3-4 times to soothe her. Nothing was working. By then I woke up and asked what was going on. He told me he tried everything and he was "D-O-N-E.DONE!" Whoa. Ok there! All she wanted was her paci AGAIN!

Speaking of that damn paci! I Hate it. She is right now in her crib chasing it around. She arches her back, has her mouth wide open and tries rolling over to get it back in her mouth! She LOVES it but she sleeps with her mouth open and as soon as its out she is a screaming mess! Unless she is super tired and in a deep sleep. UGH!

My sister is having her little girl November 11th. My SIL has a 4month old little girl. SO many babies!! SIL is still in the process of getting her house together. It looks so nice! Kevin is done doing the floors there. Thank GOODness! I look forward to our weekends together!

Many of you know the situation with my sister who has been TTC forever. I haven't heard anything else about adoption. I know she needs more $ so until that comes around I don't think anything will be going on. It sucks so bad. My heart is broken for her! She is holding up though. She is SO freaking strong!!

Alright... I'm off to replace the paci which has fallen out AGAIN!! AHHH! lol


Gooseberry said...

Pink, your babe just gets cuter and cuter! I love all that hair.

*Mandy* said...

She is so cute!! So sorry about your sister, I really hope something works out soon for her.

Becky said...

gorgeous. If her hair hasn't fallen out by now, it probably won't, so stick to all the jerks who told you it would, ha!!!

Lyr said...

Her hair is amazing! She is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

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