Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few things I HATE!

I hate people on Facebook that ask you to be their friend only so they can see your pictures and know your business! And then you send them a message and they fucking ignore it. So rude!

I hate cooking... and I'm over it right now! Thank goodness DH is working tonight!

I hate parents who think they are right & THINK they know what they are talking about. I wrote a note in one of my students agenda's about how she missed math because she came to school an hour late. Apparently I DON'T need to tell her mother that every time she is late. Um, excuse me? That was the first time I've ever written a note about her being late.

I hate not being paid for tutoring. I've been doing it since Oct and have been paid for 12 out of the 36 hours I've worked. Thank goodness today was the last day!

Okay I'm done! You can thank the hormones! haha :)


Becky said...

Vent all you need to it totally helps doesn't it???

mtendere said...

Parents can be so unreasonable. I often tell DH that I can deal with the 6th graders acting like immature, self-centered, adolescents, because that's what I signed up for, but when the parents act that way, I get so worked up!

TennisWife815 said...

Are you pregnant!??! :O) The cooking thing I totally relate to. My urges come and go -- one week everything is homemade and the next its all frozen and take out. Poor DH. I guess he could learn to cook ... lol