Monday, February 16, 2009

Well that was strange!

Yesterday I decided to make chili in the crock pot. I cooked the meat, was chopping the onions and then all the sudden felt like total crap. Got really hot and so I sat down for a few minutes. Felt a little bit better got up to finish the chili. I was practically done. Went back into the kitchen and had this over whelming feeling of OMG I am gonna get sick. Ran to the bathroom and sure enough I was right. Then I felt great! Really strange... I don't think it was m/s but who the heck knows. It came out of no where. So far today I feel fine. I'll be thrilled if it never happens again!
I am off today from work for President's Day. And it feels so nice! I am going over to my parents house to go in there spa and relax. They turned the heat off a few days ago so it should be perfect! :)

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mtendere said...

Yuk! I hope it was just a one time thing and not a taste of things to come!