Friday, February 27, 2009

I LOVE being snapped at...

Yeah right! My principal for some reason loves to snap at me. We are on good terms by all means. But for some reason she finds it easy to turn and snap at me at any given moment during professional meetings. Every few weeks me met as a 1st grade team with the reading coaches. We are a title 1 school (low income, 99% of the kids are on free and reduced lunch) so we have HIGH needs.
So long story short, we are in this meeting and another teacher friend of mine is talking about how bad her students are during independent reading time. I simply look at my other teacher friend right next to me and say quietly, "Gosh I feel like I am so mean to my kids." and right then she snapped yelling (being dramatic) across the room "Ms. A would you like to say something??" totally interrupted the girl who was speaking. I told her exactly what I had said... I was like WTF. I was taken back and couldn't understand the need for her to be so abrasive towards me. And that wasn't it.
She was going on talking about how we are all too hard on ourselves and we need to relax. I wanted to share something so I asked nicely, "Can I say something?" I figured she was done. She comes back with "Yeah, when I am DONE!" in a rude ass tone! I was like wow... could this get any better!
Its annoying as hell because the people who DON'T do their job run around like they own the place and show up 2 hours late with Starbucks in their hand and are told, Oh I understand what you are going though! AHHHHH!
Ok venting is over. I just hope she realizes how much of a BITCH she was to me today!

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mtendere said...

Wow! That sounds pretty unprofessional. I guess that if you have a good relationship otherwise, you should probably grin and bear it, but those things could be considered public reprimands, so you may want to keep a note somewhere about them, with the dates, just in case it gets worse.

I hate when principals treat teachers like children. It does not foster the kind of professionalism we need!