Friday, February 20, 2009

Muffin TOP!

I have one! Its not cute. I have a valley going horizontally across my belly right at the belly button. It looks like a freaking muffin top! Its in the perfect spot for my jeans to dig down into. I keep lifting them up and over but they keep sinking back down! Damn fat! I feel silly putting on the maternity pants I already have although they are probably more comfy!
My sister has friends visiting from out of town and they all are going out tonight. I'll be babysitting. DH is a loser and coming with but bringing his own car so he can leave to come when he wants! LOSER babysitter buddy! lol


mtendere said...

Hope you had fun babysitting. Just think, before long the muffin top will be a cute baby bump!

Eclipsed said...

Try the Bella Band. It kept me in my pre pg clothes until 18 weeks I think. Helps a lot!