Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THanks E & First OB App

Thank you so much for my gifts! The blanket is super super soft!! I am being super lazy right now and not uploading the pictures! But will soon!
I had my first OB appointment. I sware I need a tape recorder... I forgot almost everything when I walked out! My doctor said something about the u/s and I said "Yeah she didn't tell me anything!" He said "Your pregnant!" and then went on to explain everything was measuring on time. The nurse took tons of blood. And then explained that my next U/S to see the organs would be in April. And they could possibly tell me the sex... what?! Possibly. They effing better! lol
We talked about the testing for downs. Yeah I ended up taking home the paper work I was suppose to give to the girl at the front desk to schedule that. Now DH has to drop it off tomorrow! Geesh! They gave us a goodie bag with prenatal vitamins, a journal, and some information. He tried to hear the HB but couldn't find it. He said it was still too early. He tried for a good 5 minutes. So I go back Feb 26th to hear the HB. He didn't seem concerned about not hearing it. Thats about it. Going to nap!


Eclipsed said...

Your welcome! I'm so glad you liked it. Did you get an EDD based on measurements?

TennisWife815 said...

YAY for the doc appointment! Glad to see all is well.