Tuesday, February 24, 2009

maternity pants

I think I need to go through them. The pants I had on today came open after I ate lunch. :/ And they feel so snug its getting hard to breathe. Why am I in denial of the maternity pants?! lol


Leannabanna said...

DO IT! You wont regret it :)

*Mandy* said...

DO It!! I would probably wear them now and I am not even pregnant. The bloat at AF time is enough to convince me.

TennisWife815 said...

I never want to part with mine. Today, I went to the bathroom and was thinking, "I can't remember if I zippered my pants." Then, I leaned over to check and remembered I didn't have any. It was the best moment ever -- ok, not exactly. But, seriously -- its like wearing PJs every day to work.