Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to OPKs

So I am using OPKs again. Not so sure what to think. Today CD 11 was a BFN. I think that cycle where my chart, opks, and timing all lined up perfectly really tore me up! I thought it couldn't have looked better. But it wasn't my cycle! I am really hoping that this cycle (8) is it for me. Although it would put a huge dent in my weight watchers plan! I would love nothing more then to get PG but also know I REALLY need to get my ass in shape & get healthy. So I can really only be in control of one of those things and I am working my ass off to make it happen! 
I have my yearly on Dec 15th. Curious to see what her thoughts are about it all. She probably will say, see you in 5 months! I'm cool with that. Ok the laundry is calling my name!

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