Sunday, December 21, 2008

DH is the best!

I was sitting here being pissy because I noticed some more light spotting. He comes home from work to tell me he has an idea for my gift. (he attempted to buy me a pair of uggs for my trip to Minnesota but that failed cause he couldn't find the style i said i wanted) so I had no idea what he had in mind. He took a shower and left. Comes home with something tiny under his shirt and says its not jewelry. Runs upstairs telling me I won't be able to open it till he gets a phone call in a few hours... huh? I was like wtf is going on. He brought it down wrapped up. And then we played the "open your gift, no open yours" for a few minutes. Finally I said fine. And was really surprised. He got me an ipod touch. I thought maybe it was just a regular ipod but not the touch. For those who don't know its just like the iphone minus the phone part. It does pretty much everything.
So your probably wondering what DH was talking about when he said he had to wait a few hours for a phone call. His buddy is a cop and I guess a local Best Buy is giving local cops a discount tonight only. So we could possibly get it for cheaper. His buddy is there right now and we are still waiting for his call. So my new toy is sitting next to me still in its box! Torture I tell you!
Poor DH was so sweet opening my douche bag gift compared to what he got me! He told me not to get him anything and he goes out and spends WAY to much on me! Glad I got him something (digital pic frame, boxers and socks) Uh, I can never win! But I am sooo lucky to have him! He spoils the shit out of me!!

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Leannabanna said...

Lucky you! I am sure your DH loved his gifts. Mine did the same thing last year, we said our limit was 100 bucks and he went out and bought/built me a new computer!Grrr! But anyways, enjoy your Ipod! Merry Christmas!