Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So yesterday I mentioned something about my BIL's (DH's sisters hubs) family. Apparently his brother has been depressed for some time now. His FIL passed away and was helping his MIL with bills, had lots of stress from work, and his wife is still very sick (she had surgery that ended up getting infected and led to a LOT of problems). I guess the other night him and his wife got into a huge fight. He hit her (which is something the family has never heard of him doing). Took a shot gun down into the basement and wouldn't come out. His daughter was freaked out and called 911. The police came and confronted him. I guess they opened the door and he had the shot gun pointed at them and so they shot him. He died yesterday morning. 39 years old. I was shocked. He was such a nice guy and it seems to me he just LOST it. So now my SIL and BIL are on their way up to Mass where he lived. So freaking sad.
Now my sister and her hubs are having issues. Money of course. He is scared he is going to lose his job. When he came home yesterday he started talking to me telling me he was depressed. I thought he was kidding. I just now called him to talk to him about it because I thought Oh shit maybe he was trying to open up to me about it. He said he is fine and I hope he isn't lying. But I guess my emotions are all f'ed up cause when I hung up I started bawling! AHH.
Took another digital this morning and it still said Pregnant. The line tests are still very faint. But I'll take it! lol

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mtendere said...

I'm sorry you're dealing with this right now. What a tragedy. Your family will be in my prayers.