Thursday, December 4, 2008

Burnt out

I feel like burnt toast. Ha toast! ;)
I am just so tired of meeting after meeting about what we can/should be doing in our classrooms. So tired of getting more forms and papers to fill out and do to make sure we are meeting the needs of our students. Ugh. I say our because its not just me and my room its a school wide issue.
The kids are ALL high needs. Not only in academics but emotionally as well. So not only do I have to be responsible to teach them but also be mom too. Which I don't mind I just wish administration would lay off. They expect us to be doing Readers Workshop yet we have had about 4 hours of training it it. Um, no! I feel like telling them, "Get over yourself and the shit your telling the people at the district. We're not doing RW since we haven't been trained it it!" But no, I don't and they have no idea I feel this way. Its just easier to agree and do what I can. So that's what I'll keep doin!!


EjSweet said...

I know exactly how you feel! We are getting ready to start an intervention program at my school and we weren't fully trained on it either!

mtendere said...

I completely understand. Expectations on teachers are completely unreasonable and overwhelming. We need intervention programs, but not 100 of them at the same time with no additional support and tons of additional paperwork! Hang in there and try to stay focused on doing your best to teach the kids. I'm sorry your principal is being such a pill.