Sunday, December 7, 2008

Melt Downs

Me has them! I can't accept the fact that my parents are getting older. I was at a party on Saturday for a neigbor that we had growing up. And it hit me then, holy shit my dad is closer to 60 not 50 anymore (he's 56)! He has had gray hair ever since I can remember but his body is changing. Getting that older soft skin and he is loosing some muscle. Not sure why it bothers me but it does. And I let it all out after I left the party. DH and I were on our way to the Christmas boat parade. I cried like a freaking baby! I will not be ok the day something happens to them. And DH is full warned! I called my sister in N.C. sobbing. She thinks I'm nuts! I am ok now though. I spent the day out at my parents house since I realized I hardly do anymore since I got married and moved out! I will make a point to do that more often now. Vent over!
I bought some more CBE digital OPKs at Target today. Um, they were on sale for $25 so HOW could I pass that up?!! I am curious to see what day I get a + on this time.

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Anonymous said...

I know how it is about the parents getting older. I had a moment last week when I looked at my dad and was like how the hell did he get this old... Good luck with the OPK's!