Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holy BFP!

I am still in shock! When the spotting stopped I knew something was going on. My spotting NEVER just stops! So I was watching my nephew and he wanted to see our doggies so I came home. Thought Oh what the heck. POAS and saw a faint 2nd line. I NEVER see faint 2nd lines!! So I go down stairs to check if maybe its just the lighting in the bathroom up stairs. Nope it still was there. Little man ran back up stairs with me to pee again but on a digital this time. And up popped that fabulous word PREGNANT!

I was like omg, omg, I have to go shopping, wanna go shopping lil' man?! I had nothing to break the news to DH. So I called Bee and E to tell them the news! Ran around getting everything I needed and headed off to Target. I bought that bib that says "My First Christmas Gift" and put it in a gift bag with the HPT. DH came home late due to the family tragidy we had happen today (will explain later). He didn't get the bibs at first and thought it was something for the dog!lol so after he saw the HPT he was so funny! He kept saying omg! And then made me pee on 2 more sticks! haha!
So now the big question is when to tell the family. Tomorrow both of our families will be at my parents house for Christmas Eve. And timing would be perfect but it is SUPER early. So any suggestions would be great!


Bee said...

Yayyyy!! I'm so happy for you! I cannot tell you congrats enough. What a wonderful time to get this surprise, too! Merry Christmas to you!

As for telling your family, I would just think about if you want people to know should something go wrong. If that is ok with you, you can tell whenever you want and ENJOY IT!!! Much sticky baby dust and love to you!!

Leannabanna said...

Congrats and Merry Christmas to you!

Stacia said...

Congratulations! I'm a follower from GP. I am so excited for you! I would have announced it to family at Christmas, personally, because it's REALLY what the MIL/FIL/SIL want, but do what's best for you!

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Congrats! So exciting!!
FWIW I am 5 weeks today & we are telling our families tonight. It just seems like to great of an opporutnity to turn up. We are going to tell them how early it is etc. We have had 2 blood tests but I think I would tell them even if we hadn't! Merry Christmas!

Daphne said...

Congratulations Mrs. Pink! That's the best Christmas present ever!

~Daphne (SilentC on theBump)

mtendere said...

I'm so happy for you...what a wonderful surprise. It will be an exciting 2009 for your family!

Jessie said...

woot!! i say tell your family whenever you want, it's all up to you and what you and DH feel comfortable with!!

congrats again!

lady gray said...


ohmigod! CONGRATULATIONS! i am so damn excited for you!!!!