Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have no idea what to think. The spotting that I had yesterday isn't happening anymore. I usually spot a day or two before full blown AF so I thought that was what it was. Today is CD 23 so that would have been kinda early. I told DH about it and he was upset and made a comment about shooting blanks! poor guy! The spotting was dark red so doesn't that usually mean old blood? No idea.
Just got home from going to see Santa with my sister and nephew. He totally freaked out and wouldn't let go of my BIL's arm/neck. Nothing else new. Getting ready to go to my parents house to barrow a suitcase so I can start packing for Minnesota. I still have so much to do!! AHHH.

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*Mandy* said...

I hope AF stays away and the spotting was a sign of implantation. Fingers crossed for you