Thursday, December 11, 2008


That is how I feel right now. Ugh... blah! I feel like this week has sucked as far as WW. I have been slacking on tracking what I am eating. And I just went to my parents house for dinner and I weighed myself and its the same as last week. Ugh. I walked 3 nights this week and did 3 miles each time. My fricking shins are killing me. I am SO tired I feel like I could go to bed right now.
I got another bfn opk tonight. But we are sticking to the every other day plan. Tomorrow is my schools Christmas party. Maybe I'll get wasted (yeah right. aka drinking 2 bacardi&diets) and get KU! LOL I am such a light weight!
I am bummed that my sister (from N.C.) isn't coming into town till later now. She was originally going to be here on the 19th and now its the 24th. I am going to Minnesota (to see my other sister) the 26th- Jan 3rd and she is leaving the 4th. So I'll get to see her probably 2 days! boo.

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